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It was very strange(感) 英语翻译1 这个女孩特别喜欢化妆,每天化妆时间需要1个小时.2 你不化妆也是很漂亮的.化了妆,就更漂亮了.3 我希望你还是 好好打扮一下,晚会 / 聚会.(这个打扮,是对男士,女士,都可以的情况 It's very strange-Lily and I are twins.But were very different.翻中文 Tom,(it is )(time)( for you )(get up).这句话中哪一个( )里错了这是一题改错题 BABY.A very strange feeling,it is Tom,it's time for you get up .(改错) -Tom had a good time at the party.- ,and A:so hehad;so did he B:;:;;:; 魔兽中憎恶怎么读 i had a good time at the party,()I didn't know anybodyA.as if B.since C.while D.even though顺便分析下 锻炼身体的好处英文 They are wearing clothes______.A.from the 1990 B.in the 1990 C.from the 1990s D.in 1990s 英语翻译超爱泰勒、、期待了好久的.虽然只有一首.但是想知道歌词的意思.帮下忙,谢谢了、、、 【the world is 谁能翻译翻译 英语翻译c.k的All the stars may shine a bright All the clouds maybe blind But when you smile Oh How I feel so good But that I can hardly wait to hold you And fold you never enough render your heart to me All mine You'll have to be From that cloud The postcard is mine.对mine提问The postcard is mine._____ ______the postcard?对mine提问 People in the USA make their o_____ special pumpkin lanterns for halloween.根据首字母填空. Children usually make the lanterns ( )big orange pumpkins ( ) a knife A out of ; in B from;with Cout of ;with D from; in people often make lanterns ____ ____ pumkings at the halloween We usually use pumpkins to make lanterns.同义句改写We usually ( )lanterns ( )( ) pumpkins. Children use pumpkins to make lanterns.(改为同义句)Children ( ) lanterns ( ) ( ) pumpkins. two score of people 还是two score people 为何用two score of people It was snowing very hard for days.Nicholas's two dogs,Sam and Suzie,had nothing to eat f____aThey knew that things weren't right at home,so yesterday morning they wanted to go out.Nicholas put them out through the window b____the snow was so deep It wae snowing very hard for days .Jig and Bill stayed at home and had nothing……for dinner. Madam Curie,for _____ life had once been very hard,was successful laterA.whom B.which C.whose D.that为什么选C不选A呢…就算是whose life连起来的话也怎么都理解不了啊. Mr.Green,for_____life had once been very hard,donated his possessions to the snow-hit familiesA whose B which C whom D what选什么 为什么啊 There are two _ of people waiting outside.A dozen B score C dozens D scores四个都分析下谢谢 不懂就别答 别不懂装懂 寻老师啊 Remember the day you walked into my heart 英语翻译分开来 怎么翻译的? 英语翻译要翻译三种不同的句子 There are 3 ___ of people waiting outside .A dozen B score C dozens D scores 装扮翻译?